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hi folks, what can i say ... im in south wales and love the idea of living full time in a van ... divorce on the cards ( shes taking EVERYTHING ) and the price of renting is totally out of the question as i have a damaged spine and unable to work , so cash is very very limited ...
no van yet but i was looking into saving for something like a iveco daily as it seems a good size ... the other option i was looking at was a luton van ( bed above the cab ) converting it myself bit by bit ,
seen many fantastic looking conversions on youtube etc and REALLY love the thought of this way of living ...
now i know nothing whatsoever about vans but being a builder most of my life, i can turn my hand to allmost anything ,
Just saying hello and asking for any recomendations on a good cheap to buy and run project as my home ... i can drive up to 7.5 tonn ( tho i suspect these are expensive to run ..)
many thanks for any info and thanks for having me on board folks :thumb:
Hi and a big welcome to the forum. Your in luck for info on self build, not from me but there are others on here who have done just that, be patient and I'm sure they'll be along soon


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hi, welcome .
or have a look here
using a truck with a box is the easiest way.
prison trucks make it ideal as the door and steps are there already. . roof hatches ideal and darkened windows originaly ideal. .
plus house units fit lovely. plus cheap road tax .
if using vans etc its hard to get what you want and keep under the weights depending on the van etc .
but have a good look through the motorhome sections on this forum. keep you busy for a while ,ha ha .
course you could use a mini artic like mine ,saves having a car . just have a m,bike in the back as well.
have fun . ask away we do try to help if we can.
coola on here did a bus conversion, thats nice as well.
cant seem to get his pics to work but i,m sure someone will be along directing you .