A Mini adventure................or shear lunacy!

Discussion in 'Under the Awning' started by snail, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. snail

    snail Well-Known Member

    To start with we have never been mods, rockers or bikers, or owned a leather jacket or parka.

    Trialmaster jacket and I always prefer the term motorcyclist, ok Alan that gives you some ammunition!

    Ok we are going to IOW scooter rally August bank holiday weekend! And we are going to leave the Hymer at home, yes we are going on the scooter!

    I did mention the word camping but had to duck pretty quickly! So we have hired a Shepard's but for the weekend! On a wacky rustic type campsite called the Windmill, do a Google search you will see what I mean.

    Only £30.60 return for the scooter with Red funnel, same crossing with the Hymer was £260!!! So scooter plus accommodation will be less than taking the van

    So madness or Adventure we'll let you know how it turns out! Just praying for some dry weather?
  2. vwalan

    vwalan Well-Known Member

    have a good one .
    there are some great places to see on iow.
    good surf sometimes at freshwater bay . used to go to custom car weekends on iow. great round the coast ride .
    be telling me next you never went fighting on a friday or saturday night . hee hee .
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  3. BigMomma

    BigMomma Well-Known Member

    You will have to let us know how much you enjoyed the Shepard's But !!!!!
  4. chrisjones18

    chrisjones18 Well-Known Member

    It's gonna rain. You can bet your life on it as we will be in Devon in the motorhome.
    Good luck
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  5. vwalan

    vwalan Well-Known Member

    dont tell him it might rain , he will wont to wear wellingtons .
    wonder if there are any sheep around to go with the huts /buts .
    could be some silly old goats !!!!!
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  6. snail

    snail Well-Known Member

    Yes got some boots, we still have all our bike riding gear, although find full gear a bit heavy and ott on the scooter, so lightweight waterproofs over a fleece jacket will be ok

    At least having a Shepard's Hut will save us carrying bedding and cooking kit, let alone a tent! God knows how we would carry all that kit, the scoot wouldn't move!

    Really does look like a wacky place to stay, BBQs fire pits, pizza ovens, launderette in the back of a robin reliant!
    Looking forward to it I think?
  7. Fatima Saysell

    Fatima Saysell Well-Known Member

    That sounds great. I love the idea of a shepherd's hut, like Far From The Madding Crowd. Enjoy!

  8. vwalan

    vwalan Well-Known Member

    bet snail will be selling his hymer soon . bet he gets a transit pickup and a luxury shepherds hut to tow .
    never know he might even get a pony and do it properly.
    my dad always wanted one .
    i think i know his way of thinking i,m sure i,m turning into my dad.
    mrs snail better use her t making skills to read the tea leaves ,or start making bunches of heather .
    bet been selling pegs already . hee hee
  9. Fatima Saysell

    Fatima Saysell Well-Known Member

    Haha. We've seen quite a few gypsy camps over here where I'm sure they'd feel at home. I've still got my castanets that Mrs Snailwell could borrow to blend in even better. Or, better sill, she could sell them! :D:D:D

  10. vwalan

    vwalan Well-Known Member

    there are in france alot of camps for them . forget the proper name for them but normal m,homers dont use them .
    also have seen several in spain .
    have stopped on them many times .
    luckily being in the vehicles we have we can look well travelled . even stopped with the fair ground trucks ,playa de louro was great . made really welcome and got lots free rides .
    i find being friendly with them gives you assistance possibly if another time your broken down or something .
    they know all the helpful garages etc .
    it was actually with them i saw the first fifth wheel mounted box that could make a nice camper . just drop the legs . wind some jacks in the legs drive off . come back pull under the box ,lower the legs . put a steady bar on so the box couldnr spin on the fifth wheel and off you go.
    of course hitch same as mine but just a short box no axles .
  11. snail

    snail Well-Known Member

    Don't mention ponies to Mrs snail she is nearly as mad about them as dogs! Donkeys for me love them

    Sell the Hymer! Just trying something different?

    We do make wood candle holders, sold £100 worth two summers ago!

    Nomads as they are known in France, lots of them around

    Ok nice and sunny here, picnic made so going for a ride up to Pershore and sit beside the river Avon boat watching
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  12. vwalan

    vwalan Well-Known Member

    i forgot you also make ally cup or drinks trays . i have one of yours here.
    there is a name for the campsites they use , a special name . mind gone blank.
    i think you were making candle holders one year down here near meva .
    can be nice in pershore behind the studios in that big park area .pebble mill,
    used to spend quite a bit of time there my mate ran volksbits in pershore road.
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  13. chrisjones18

    chrisjones18 Well-Known Member

    oh no, don't mention Horses/traps and caravans, plus don't go anywhere near talking about Donkeys...
    let me sell all the horse gear before Sally reads any of this.. she still cant make her mind up about the field.
    at least the sulky cart and the governor's cart have gone.
    We had a long weekend away because Sally wanted to go to the Donkey Sanctuary.
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  14. Fatima Saysell

    Fatima Saysell Well-Known Member

    They are called Gens de Voyage and they seem pretty decent. I haven't got a problem with alternative ways of life; I suppose that's what we are doing after all. Who wants to be in the rat race, anyway?When we finally sell our house, I just want to keep on travelling. Not sure I want to settle anywhere. We'll see...

  15. vwalan

    vwalan Well-Known Member

    thats it . there is very often a notice by the way in .
    we stop and very often someone says come in your not in a normal camper you blend in well here .
    all good fun.
    could fit in anyway ,my garden is already like a scrap yard . hee hee .
    might come in useful one day chuck it over there .
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  16. snail

    snail Well-Known Member

    Ah yes, nice little ride out in the sunshine

    Off on our scooter

    Beeping our hooter

    Following yonder tom tom!!

    Be careful out there!
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