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Discussion in 'Fulltimer Chat' started by OLLI 17, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. kernow

    kernow New Member

    I would certainly try AIB ,I'm not sure who the underwriters are,as one or two oversee the rest of the brokers,hence the monopoly.Good luck,keep us updated please as I will be keen to make changes in March when I'm due for renewal
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  2. Pinball Wizard

    Pinball Wizard Active Member

    I will, but I am not looking forward to this!
    I hate bureaucracy!
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  3. chrisjones18

    chrisjones18 Well-Known Member

    Another to try is the RAC (think it was Bristol).. they definitely do fulltime motorhome cover.. no idea on terms and conditions as when I started filling it in I got a good quote from Comfort for 270 days in EU and the rest in the UK.
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  4. Pinball Wizard

    Pinball Wizard Active Member

    For anyone interested

    RAC On 03301591475

    Will do a fulltime insurance, IF minimum value £25,000 and the minimum year is 2006.

    I didn’t ask about any other details, as I don’t fit their minimum requirements.

    Comfort again I don’t fit their criteria.

    Adrian Flux do appear to be the most helpful, I was totally honest, only difficulty if you are registered as unemployed, they won’t insure you.
    Being a member of a forum or Facebook group, gives you a discount, I forget how much percent.

    Hope it helps someone!
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  5. hpold

    hpold Well-Known Member

    Your not unemployed just taking time out semi retired .
    Just an update not a good start to 2018 in hospital from the 27th to the first lung infection taken back in on the second had AF stopped and started the heart I look like a bald chicken on my chest all shaved but cracking on .
  6. Pinball Wizard

    Pinball Wizard Active Member

    I will admit I used to bend the truth somewhat with insurance company’s. I won’t do it now!

    However insurance companies will look into claim’s, and IF you are RECEIVING unemployment benefit, or whatever they now call it, and they find out, your policy is void.

    I added the unemployed bit, to my post, (as it came up in the conversation,) as information to anyone it might apply to.

    Sorry to hear you are not well!
  7. BigMomma

    BigMomma Well-Known Member

    The truth is a bit like rules, they have a certain amount of flexibility, you can 'bend' rules without 'breaking' them, you can be 'economical' with facts without telling a lie ;)

    Hope you feel better soon hpold :thumb:
  8. hpold

    hpold Well-Known Member

    Thanks had to go back to doc infection not fully clear think they released people early with the strain the nhs has on beds . Back on antibiotics and steriods again to clear it up .
  9. coolasluck

    coolasluck Well-Known Member

    Get well soon hpold.

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