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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by elfish, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. elfish

    elfish Member

    Hi all,

    Been a member (and a lurker) on here for nearly 3 years.

    Jan 23rd is d-day for me. The day that the packers come over to prepare everything for the removal people the next day. (Putting it all in storage.) 5th Feb I'm picking up the cats from the 'cat hotel' and it begins.

    Not long to go now...

  2. BigMomma

    BigMomma Well-Known Member

    So, a last Christmas in bricks 'n' mortar and a New Year full of new Adventures, enjoy :thumb:
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  3. Pinball Wizard

    Pinball Wizard Active Member

    Good luck for 2018
  4. Shrimp

    Shrimp Active Member

    Good for you, enjoy it.
    Let us know how it goes and how the cats settle in to their new life!
    Happy Christmas and a cracking New Year.
  5. Pinball Wizard

    Pinball Wizard Active Member

    You must be getting excited now elfish!
    3 days to go!
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  6. elfish

    elfish Member

    It'll be such a relief, Pinball Wizard.

    I spent most of last week focusing on completing an assignment for college. The deadline was midnight on the 18th jan. I emailed it at 11.30pm that night. So, the pre-moving prep ground to a halt last week.

    I did my neck and shoulder in the other day. Really bad timing. I need to take things to my mum's on monday night. I'm seriously thinking of hiring the services of a van man who i know to help load the motorhome with stuff that i'm storing at mum's and stuff i'm taking up to the storage place that are too fragile for the removal people to take.

    I saw the osteo/sports massage bloke on wednesday evening. I'm feeling better but my neck and shoulders are still very stiff & achy. I don't want to risk lifting a heavy box and feeling a 'ping' the day before i drive to the storage place a couple of hours away.

    I'm hoping to receive the remaining documents i need to complete the bumf this weekend so i can hand everything over to the conveyancer and estate agent on monday morning so i don't have that hanging over me.

    I'm meeting friends at a pub stop next weekend for a couple of days. it's the break i know i'll really need after all this build up.

    After i pick up the cats on the 5th feb, i plan to stay in mum's driveway (I have EHU there) for a couple of weeks while the cats get used to the van and i can keep tabs on the painting on the flat and make sure the estate agents are happy.

    I'll be making lots of visits to Haven sites in March/April to see if i can get the cats comfortable with wearing their harnesses and walking on leash. With all the stuff i've had to do over the past month, i've not been able to focus on that and it'll make a massive difference. It's difficult to do in a flat in a built up area of London.

    ... and breathe.....
  7. Pinball Wizard

    Pinball Wizard Active Member

    Stressful isn’t it!

    What is it they say!

    Three most stressful things, getting married, getting divorced and moving house!

    But once it is done, you will have different stresses!

    Where do I get water, where do I empty the toilet, where do I park tonight?

    Easing yourself into it slowly is best, as you seem to be doing. Sort out what you actually need whilst you are on the drive, often we take too much to begin with. Have a night or two without electricity. You will find out, you might want PJ’s and a hat and decent slippers, (my floor gets cold) or your sleeping bag or quilt isn’t up to the job.

    I don’t know where you are in London but if it is any help I know if a few places, just outside the M25 around junction 6 for free overnight’s. I have also used industrial estates with no problem for a night or two.

    Personally I feel there is no right way or wrong way to do this, you find your own way.

    People would be horrified to hear of my way.

    I have a decent head torch, it leaves my hands free, also a large Maglite torch, it doubles as a truncheon, not that it has ever been needed.

    Ikea sell cheap large bags that will carry your toilet cassette, on your shoulder, less obvious and easier to carry.

    Cleaning as I text for a house viewing so bye for now.
  8. elfish

    elfish Member

    i had a cat sitter/lodger for a 16 months when i got my first motorhome a few years ago. i gave her a month's notice last May.

    I've been away for months at a time in the moho so getting used to the life isn't the problem. For the past few years, my flat was more of a storage unit for me and not really a home.

    With the move, the only thing I'm anxious about is how the cats will take to it because I've not really trained them to use harness/leash. I've got a cat buggy and a cat pen.

    Over the past few years i've used the following when not on a 'site':

    Water = petrol stations (i've a nature pure water filter) or the odd tap
    Cassette = loos in service stations (I use a shopping trolley to hide it)

    I've got EZA batts so i'm fine for wilding. The reason for the EHU at mum's was so i could plug in Feliway 24/7 to relax them in the van. ;-)

    I'm a duvet gal. I've a fixed bed with a duvaley topper. It's comfier than my bed in the flat.

    I've mostly been wildcamping over the past few years. I started using haven parks when i joined motorcarravaning club (£30 for 5 nights with EHU) in 2016 when i needed to get loads of work done and didn't fancy moving for a bit.

    For a bit i got into the routine of national trust carpark to get on with work, cineworld in the evening (I have an unlimited card for a couple of years) and a layby at night.

    I'm more of a layby person rather than a carpark - apart from a couple that i know and trust.

    I don't really do industrial estates but there is one that is handy i know of up north that i use when i'm in North Yorkshire.

    I use wildcamping.co.uk POI's, searchforsites, britstops (occassionally) and pubstops.

    A more accurate description would be for my situation is that i'm finally getting rid of the ball and chain around my leg (the flat) and living how i used to live for a few years ago (up to 7 months ago when i decided to get rid of the catsitter/lodger). i.e. selling the flat, putting my stuff in storage in the midlands and college stuff at mums (and other stuff i'll need more often) and bringing the cats along with me.

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  9. Pinball Wizard

    Pinball Wizard Active Member

    And there was me thinking you were new to this!
  10. elfish

    elfish Member

  11. Pinball Wizard

    Pinball Wizard Active Member

    You got me interested in what Feliway was, then I thought after reading about it, what about using it in confined spaces.
    I found this.
    Just for your information.
    You haven’t got an inverter then?
    Good luck tomorrow.
    Feliway Diffuser customer reviews at zooplus
  12. elfish

    elfish Member

    Thanks for the post... it's something to watch out for. I've used feliway diffuser before but not in such an enclosed space.

    I've got an inverter. I just want to keep the driving to a minimum while the cats are getting used to the van - especially after 15 days at a cat 'hotel'.

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  13. elfish

    elfish Member

    4AFBD64D-8DAD-4977-9B61-5CD00C1B9159.jpeg 012C7352-A185-4550-ACC4-D94F79FE8808.jpeg The cats have settled in like a dream. (The photos don’t really show how comfy they are.) Didn’t take long at all. Been hovering between mums driveway & outside my flat. The painter finished today. The cleaner does her stuff tomorrow. Estate agents are getting cranking with organising viewings from tuesday morning onwards. Planning to head off for a slow potter towards NEC for the show to meet a mate and pootle around until mid march when i’m visiting the estate agents again.

    I confess, i’m be8ng a bit blatant on my road because i’m parked opposite the flat where i still pay council tax & my moho’s resistered for residents park8ng here. Also, having had the flat for 23 years, i know all the neighbours anyway. One, a couple of doors down, showed me her external water tap (bless her). Another came visiting - her kds wanted to stroke my cats. You get the idea.

    Getting antsy though. I want to head off into the sunset. Still, tomorrow is final bath in the flat i bought in 1995, visit a couple of neighbours and pay the cleaner once she’s finished giving the flat a once over. My old upstairs neighbour is popping in for a drink & a social tomorrow night which is why i’m stayin* an extra night. (Also cos ‘Still Alice’ is on film4 tomorrow night & i loved that movie at the flicks.)

    I know of a few spots in london that look great to kip at should i fancy but really i can’t wait to get out of here.

    Hello Boatmail. :)
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2018
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  14. Pinball Wizard

    Pinball Wizard Active Member

    I hope you are LEZ friendly then, as it’s expensive otherwise.
    I know a spot just inside the M25 close to a railway station, another nearby just outside the M25, both near Junction 6, if you are not.
  15. Pinball Wizard

    Pinball Wizard Active Member

    Huge lay-by by the Grasshopper Inn

    Attached Files:

  16. Pinball Wizard

    Pinball Wizard Active Member

    Another outside Caterham

    Attached Files:

  17. elfish

    elfish Member

    I’ll be fine.

    I part exchanged my 2005 adria twin for a new wildax jan 2017. I ummed and ahhed for a while - but when the mayor issued plans to extend the ulez between the north and south circulars for 2019, i put my order in.

    In fact, when i got my residential parking permit last year, i was told that the only reason it wasnt free was because i was a deisel. (£96 deisel surcharge).

    The places i’ve spotted are all within urban London. ;-)
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  18. elfish

    elfish Member

    I dont really want to give the game away really but i noticed a couple of mohos by a park in north london and... heres the hint... i used to have a cinema membership & everytime i left, on the one way street, i spotted a few trucks parked up... ;-) x
  19. elfish

    elfish Member

    I bought a load of parking vouchers for my residential area too! There’s a handy road that’s at the end of it that’s 30 seconds to the tube. (Zone 2) Dead handy. ;-)
  20. elfish

    elfish Member

    i should have said at the start... my flat & my mum are in London. :thumb:

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