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  1. Easyliving

    2020 Insurance

    Appatently Aviva have increased their prices and Comfort, as the broker, are passing on the increase to customers. Paul
  2. Easyliving

    2020 Insurance

    I have just renewed my full-time insurance for the van with Comfort. Gone up £100 to about £960, still less than some pay. I thought maybe prospective full-timers might find this info useful. Paul
  3. Easyliving

    Locked Down

    We were on a site near Dénia in Spain until 6th March when we headed for France. This Corona virus has got really bad in Spain and France and rather than take weeks touring France and visiting relatives we ended up making a 700 mile dash for the Tunnel terminal. My wife has been in touch with...
  4. Easyliving

    Medical Assistance

    Of course no one knows for sure what will happen after 1st January next year, maybe we will need health insurance. Don’t forget the thousands of tourists and workers that come to the UK every year - will they also need expensive insurance? Maybe the EU governments will keep the EHIC scheme...
  5. Easyliving

    Medical Assistance

    If you are travelling abroad make sure you have an EHIC card and it is up to date. I had a bad fall here in Spain and thanks to the EHIC card I got an ambulance to the hospital and fantastic treatment and didn’t pay a penny. Paul
  6. Easyliving

    soon be time

    We are near Dénia in Spain at the moment. Weather has been superb, yet another day sitting in the sun today. We drove down through France, I don’t think it was as expensive as the Santander ferry and no Bay of Biscay to contend with. We are in Norfolk ourselves most of the time. Where (roughly)...
  7. Easyliving

    Hello and help!!

    Hi John We are in Spain just now but I will have to renew my insurance in early April. I see you have persuaded Adrian Flux to provide you with full time cover. We are with Comfort at the moment but it’s always handy to have an alternative in case Comfort quote a silly price. Paul
  8. Easyliving

    Our new Motorhome

    Really nice looking van, hope you have a lot of fun in it. Paul
  9. Easyliving

    Worth a watch

    My wife and I have lived full time in our van for getting on for 3 years. We sold out last house years ago and, personally, I love the full time life. At one time I subscribed to loads of YouTube motorhome channels, must have been about 25 of them. I was spending hours every week keeping up...
  10. Easyliving

    Winter Sun Here We Come !!

    Wow, sounds like lovely weather. We are on a site not far from Great Yarmouth and, until today, we have had some nice weather. All that sunshine and blue sky has stopped now though - Autumn is well and truly here. Have a nice Winter. Paul
  11. Easyliving

    Winter Sun Here We Come !!

    Thanks for that Alan, time to get the map out I think. Paul
  12. Easyliving

    Winter Sun Here We Come !!

    Original plan was to get the ferry to Santander but SWMBO is not keen on the Bay of Biscay in January and I can’t say I blame her. So, we are getting the Tunnel then driving down through France. We have about 3 months for this trip so no rush anyway. Paul
  13. Easyliving

    Winter Sun Here We Come !!

    Lucky man BM We are currently on a site near Great Yarmouth, it’s not Spain but it’s only £6.55 a night all in so I am not complaining. We are driving to Spain in mid January - what would you say is the easiest way across the Pyrenees at that time of year, any idea? Paul
  14. Easyliving


    A lot depends on your licence - if you have C1 on it and you have at least a few years till you’re 70 you are laughing. Many people it seems don’t get the ideal van for them first time, there are so many vans to choose from. Paul
  15. Easyliving

    Nice stellplatz - Germany, Geisingen.

    Hi There don’t seem to be many free stellplatz in Germany alas. If you stay at Geisingen a few days the charge goes down to €7 a day which is better. Paul PS Talking of expense the photo shows Uberlingen stellplaz, we only stayed one night at €13, some are more!
  16. Easyliving

    Nice stellplatz - Germany, Geisingen.

    As the forum is a bit quiet I thought maybe I would post details of the stellplatz we are spending a few days on. It’s €9 a night to stay here, less if you stay for more than one night. Electricity (cheap) is extra and water is €1 for 100 litres. The pleasant town is 3 minutes walk and they...
  17. Easyliving

    nice n sunny

    We are on a c&cc temporary holiday site on the North Norfolk coast, we are here for about 3 weeks. Today is very nice but we have had rain and wall to wall grey skies for the past couple of weeks. Nothing we can do about it of course and we have a nice pub lunch to look forward to today. Paul
  18. Easyliving

    Hi everyone

    Hi Talisman, welcome to M365. Where to first? Paul
  19. Easyliving

    Full timers/long termers who abuse the system

    Well said Eric.
  20. Easyliving

    new guy

    Hi there and welcome. Enjoy your new purchase. Paul