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    Bought part of our set up.

    Hello all Just to let you know that our last trip to Germany was successful, we have now signed the deal for the supply of our Habitation box from Ormocar. It wont be built until Mar/april, so we have plenty of time to find the base truck.:eek: There are plenty of base trucks available to us...
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    Is 2011 the year that you are going to become a fulltimer?

    Has anyone made a further commitment in their new year resolutions. Just been away for several days, and soon as I get back indoors I feel drained of all energy. Finding it harder and harder to stay at home. I hope 2011 is the year that we make big changes to our lives, but that wont be...
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    Happy New Year, may 2011 be a good un

    Happy New Year, lets hope 2011 is a good un. We are probably going offline for a few days, unless we get internet access, so hope everyone has a great New year, and hope some of our dreams come true for 2011, if not stay healthy and safe. Pat and Neil
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    Hello from an hopeful fulltimers

    Hello We are hoping to do so serious travelling in a year or two, depending on our plans coming to fruition. I made a start on our future by clearing out most of the loft yesterday, 25 years worth of rubbish. Now have to go to the skip and charity shop. It was only a small step I know, and...