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  1. Easyliving

    nice n sunny

    We are on a c&cc temporary holiday site on the North Norfolk coast, we are here for about 3 weeks. Today is very nice but we have had rain and wall to wall grey skies for the past couple of weeks. Nothing we can do about it of course and we have a nice pub lunch to look forward to today. Paul
  2. Easyliving

    Hi everyone

    Hi Talisman, welcome to M365. Where to first? Paul
  3. Easyliving

    Full timers/long termers who abuse the system

    Well said Eric.
  4. Easyliving

    new guy

    Hi there and welcome. Enjoy your new purchase. Paul
  5. Easyliving

    Last Post

    We have been in Sheringham, Norfolk since 11th April, leaving later today. Its been downright chilly here, especially at night. Have had to use some of our precious gas to warm the van up ( no hookups ). Yesterday was about the warmest its been, still only about 15 degrees and with a chilly...
  6. Easyliving

    Last Post

    Hi all Hopefully 365 will keep going, mind you, as Alan says its been very quiet lately. I notice that I signed up to this forum in May 2011 and it seems that many of the regulars from those days have disappeared - where are they now? Happy Easter to all and.....keep posting. Paul
  7. Easyliving

    Just Waking Up to Brexit ?

    I usually try to keep up to date with what is happening re Brexit but I am totally confused now and its all getting a bit boring. We have started watching the Simpsons rather than listen to the latest BBC doom and gloom at 18.00. We are off to France at the end of April for a month via the...
  8. Easyliving

    Just Waking Up to Brexit ?

    No, as you say we probably won't need them so it will be £23 wasted. We are used to doing most things online so it seemed a pest having to queue in the Post Office.
  9. Easyliving

    Just Waking Up to Brexit ?

    On the subject of international driving permits we went to get ours on Friday. Apparently they can't take your photo there, using their machine, as their machine doesn't give the required hard copy. We went to a nearby Sainsburys and used their machine - cost £6 each which I thought was...
  10. Easyliving

    It's time.

    Hi there Andy, welcome to M365. I see you have a budget of up to £40k - this is plenty to get the van you want I would have thought, be a used one though. You will get loads of opinions on what sort of van to get but it depends on what you want. I take it you have C1 on your licence, you will...
  11. Easyliving

    Another year's insurance sorted.

    Yes, as you say £5.50 is not a lot of money so we will get one each before we go.
  12. Easyliving

    Another year's insurance sorted.

    All a bit up in the air as to whether we are going to need a green card. As far as I know, Comfort don't charge for the green card so I might ask them to send me one anyway ready for our trip to France at the end of April. Also got to see if we need international driving permits, all very...
  13. Easyliving

    Another year's insurance sorted.

    Yes, European breakdown and posessions insurance included. I asked about getting a green card for our European trip next month but they only issue them 21 days before you travel apparently. Our premium went up less than £15 over last year. Paul
  14. Easyliving

    Petition To Government re: Drivers Licence 70+

    I notice the number of people who have signed the petition is now 818 - not a high number. There must be a lot of people who would like to drive a vehicle over 3500kg when they get to 70. I think maybe the mention of Parkinson's disease is putting peiple off signing? Paul
  15. Easyliving

    Another year's insurance sorted.

    This morning I renewed my fulltiming policy with Comfort, hardly gone up since last year. I count myself lucky to have paid 'only' £860 for the year, I know many pay a lot more. Paul
  16. Easyliving

    New member

    Welcome to the site Steve and Barbara. We have been full timing for a couple of years now, plus we had another go before. Yes, there is quite a lot to sort out but its certainly worth it. Good luck. Paul
  17. Easyliving

    Registering to vote

    I found it easy enough to register with a !ocal council. As far as I remember you register as 'no fixed address' with a council in whos area you have lived before. Paul
  18. Easyliving

    Thinking about full-timing in the UK. How do you get around the legal issues of insurance, driving licence, etc, with no permanent address?

    We use our daughter's address for DVLA, bank etc and its all completely legal, organisations are not bothered so long as there is a way to contact you. Only two things will be tricky - you will need fulltiming insurance on your van to be legal. This will be expensive and maybe difficult to find...
  19. Easyliving

    Insurance 365

    I usually renew the van's road tax online, very simple process. I agree with @sundowners though - I'm pretty sure they check to make sure your vehicle is insured (and MOT'd) before they sell you the road tax. Paul
  20. Easyliving

    Driving Licence after 70 years young

    Hi Geoff, your licence problem sounds like a bit of a nightmare, I imagine it costs a packet to take on the DVLA, hopefully someone can point you in the right direction. Like Nigel says, probably get the info you need on Motorhome Fun. Glad to hear all is going well with your 'Big C'...