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    Happy to be free

    Hi Nigel and Pamela, that’s a lovely thought. Karma has a strange way of enhancing life by turning strangers into friends through shared interests, and much as I enjoy a solo nomadic lifestyle there are times when I’d like a travelling companion in tandem to share experiences with.
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    Happy to be free

    Hi Gabbie, from your post you sound like my kind of person, a kindred spirit, Moho, dog lover and NC500 driver. Reading that you’ve done the route twice has given me the impetus to do it again, next time in reverse, from east to west. I also plan to island hop throughout the Outer Hebrides. I’ve...
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    interesting book

    Two excellent books by Mike Hudson are From Van to Home, and How to Live In a Van and Travel. Follow Mike on his video blog Another great video blog is
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    On own

    Full time van life is as easy or as hard as you choose to make it. Camp sites have the facilities but cost, and have rules. Wild camping, which I prefer, is free and the only rules are basically common sense, I.e. leave no trace of your stay and move regularly. I always do a litter pick and move...
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    Happy to be free

    Hi, I’m Graham, registered as Toskananomad because I live permanently with my two rescue dogs in my 2010 Hobby Toskana motorhome. I’m 73, retired for nearly 16 years and divorced for a similar time. I lived on a narrowboat for 13 years then sold it last year and bought my Moho. Since then I’ve...
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    Wild camping in Macclesfield area of Cheshire.

    Hi Julie, I occasionally wild camp in the Goyt valley which is about 6 miles from Macclesfield and about 3 from Buxton. Access is from the top of Long Hill between Buxton and Whaley Bridge. There are four parking areas, three of them in the valley, two are official free car parks without signs...