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  1. fanofatan

    Gas cooker LPG conversion

    I also believe the nozzle has to be compatible with the size of burner it's feeding, I'm sure there are different orifices for larger / smaller burners I don't think it's one size fits all Trying the 20mb reg will drop the pressure, however the Nat Gas jet orifice may be too big / not powerful...
  2. fanofatan

    Gas cooker LPG conversion

    Funny to see this, I sold an 8 burner rangemaster 100 range style stove which I used on natural gas, the person that bought it was going to use it on LPG, he contacted me a week or so later saying he was struggling to find a conversion kit ? I remember looking online and sent him a couple of...
  3. fanofatan

    Using the 'ignore' button....

    :rofl: yes, that seems to be the only way to get rid of the robots / spammers
  4. fanofatan

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    cheers Alan, enjoy your bikes
  5. fanofatan

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    how's it going Alan, decided to retire after getting a few stents fitted after a heart attack in Bulgaria...and failing a couple of medicals for offshore fantastic treatment in the Hospital in Sofia, absolutely spot on I was 3/4 of the way through building a house when all that happened, so...
  6. fanofatan

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    HNY to all can't remember the last time I posted, been busy doing up a house to sell and now doing another to live in
  7. fanofatan

    Sprinter van conversion.

    van looks great with a cracking plate :thumb:
  8. fanofatan

    wanted to go full time but not this way

    Hi wildbill, welcome along, what you driving, what do you fancy getting
  9. fanofatan

    Provision of public parking for Motorhomes like Aires.

    WOW....7 years and still going strong, what a find LOL
  10. fanofatan

    Just about to start new adventure

    no, my house is up for sale just now, then we'll probably look at doing 2 or 3 months away at a time
  11. fanofatan

    Just about to start new adventure

    welcome to the site, have a great time on your travels
  12. fanofatan

    Fiat Ducato 2002 2.8 JTD wiring diagram - does anyone have one?

    Mmmm I'm sure that's what we said a loose, corroded or broken core, the first Elect tech at the garage wants to have a good look at and shame
  13. fanofatan

    Hello everyone

    Hi Ken Pip, welcome big decision to go full timing with a 'young' family are you both working as well, have you looked into parking areas close to the school for me I would have waited until the school days were all done but hey ho what's good for one not right for others Enjoy
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    welcome along Robert, sounds like your having great adventures with Pru, here's to many more
  15. fanofatan

    On The Go

    on the ground over the ground lol then I googled it :mad:
  16. fanofatan

    New Member

    Hi OAT, where are you full timing, at home in the UK or in far away places :thumb: hello Mel Bignell, you'll have to start a thread and tell us about the MH you fancy buying and where you plan on going ;)
  17. fanofatan

    Hello again!

    good to hear you got back safe and well how did the Renault Master cope with your travels and comfort what changes do you think you'll make for the next adventure
  18. fanofatan


    some of the smaller compact vans - T5, T6, auto sleepers, are really well fitted out these days, but what a price they are I was looking at prices for the VW T2 like mine in the avatar, incredible jump up in the price over the last 5 years It goes to show if you keep things long enough and look...
  19. fanofatan


    just looked at the layout for this van, nice and compact and won a few awards only downside for me would be the sitting area is your sleeping area and lack of garage space enjoy the MH when it arrives, happy days
  20. fanofatan

    Some help or advice please

    the tech was bull$hitting you, he couldn't be bothered searching for the fault by the sound of it ;-) Unless you've had a new front end fitted, new lights, welding done or any accident damage to the front of the vehicle then the wiring will all be in the correct places as it left the factory...