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  1. Easyliving

    Using the 'ignore' button....

    No doubt forum visitors have noticed the spam posts that have appeared on this forum recently. I have only just discovered the 'ignore' button - just select the posters user name and choose ignore, all those items for sale you really wanted to buy just disappear. Paul
  2. Easyliving

    Just Waking Up to Brexit ?

    Not suprisingly, any mention of Brexit has been banned on M365's sister site Motorhome Fun, its a pretty contentious issue and everyone has their point of view. Personally, i doubt there will be another in / out referendum - the people have spoken and it would be undemocratic to have another...
  3. Easyliving

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    Although I do visit this site quite often i haven't posted for ages, time to put that right. The wife and I are still fulltiming in our van, nearly 2 years this time. We were supposed to be in Spain for the Winter, had the ferry booked etc but we couldn't go alas. Hope everyone has a happy and...
  4. Easyliving

    In search of summer sun?

    Hi Alan We are still house / mum sitting at Par until Monday morning then we will be mobile again. We are hopefully heading for a C&CC holiday site on the north Cornish coast. If I am allowed by SWMBO we will swing round your way en route, I will ring first though. Paul
  5. Easyliving

    Italian trip in October

    I have never taken the mh to Italy, its on the long list of places we must go to one day. If you have a Kindle you could do worse than download Two Go To Italy by (Motorhome Fun member) John Laidler. Its a good book for motorhome fans. Details here. Paul
  6. Easyliving

    Motorhome Insurance

    I renewed our Comfort fulltimers policy last month, £845 which is less than some pay. I think its worth it for peace of mind in case we have a prang. I was talking to a fulltimer a couple of weeks ago, he has an ordinary policy (much cheaper) but he still owns a house and all the utility bills...
  7. Easyliving

    In search of summer sun?

    VWAlan - we are at Par in Cornwall on a family visit for a couple of weeks. I had to go to Newquay airport and back the other day, went through a place called Roche - do you know it by any chance? Paul
  8. Easyliving

    Insurance Renewal

    Potential fulltimers might be interested in the cost of full time insurance. I have just renewed my full time insurance with Comfort, premium was £845. From what I have heard this is not a bad price at all! In the non-fulltiming days though I used to pay less than £300. Paul
  9. Easyliving

    Not long now.....

    By the end of this month the wife and I will both be retired. We have lived in the van for the past year or so, on a site. As we have had electric hookup all that time we have not been cold at all, despite sub zero temperatures outside. Ours is a British van so no double floor etc but it is...
  10. Easyliving

    Has this place had its day?

    Well done Jim
  11. Easyliving


    I read the 'cloud 9' account of their crash, glad all seems to be well now. Amazing the distances involved and how kind and helpful people can be. Paul
  12. Easyliving

    Has this place had its day?

    Hi I log on most days but don't post very often so I suppose I am one of the worst offenders for not contributing. As others have said, there is a lot of information on this forum which is very useful t0 anyone thinking about full timing. If it doesn't cost too much I think its worth keeping...
  13. Easyliving

    Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Paul and Lynda
  14. Easyliving

    quiet on here?

    Yes, yet another Christmas. As we don't officially retire till about April /May 2018 we still have to stay fairly near work. We are still fulltiming in our van and find we are very warm and cosy parked up on a very pleasant campsite near Thetford Forest. Soon as work is finished we will be off...
  15. Easyliving

    Vanlifers Documentary Movie

    Big empty square here too I'm afraid, quite a good connection. Paul
  16. Easyliving


    Thanks,thats a useful link. My wife and I both work but not for much longer I'm pleased to say. We have applied for married couples allowance from HMRC, this is quite a handy little perk (details here) and means we not only pay a bit less tax but we hope to get about £450 refund! Your link means...
  17. Easyliving

    How do I upload a picture here from my gallery?

    Hi again Fatima Yes, photo shows up fine. When you upload a photo I recall you get the option to choose 'thumbnail' or 'full size'. If you select the full size option the photo will show, er, full size. Paul
  18. Easyliving

    How do I upload a picture here from my gallery?

    Hi Fatima When I want to post a photo to a forum or blog I usually transfer it from my phone to my tablet, using Bluetooth or a usb cable. There should be an 'upload a file' button at the bottom of the page when you are typing a post. Click on this and navigate to where the photo is stored...
  19. Easyliving

    Seasonal pitch for another year...

    On the site there are about 50 seasonal pitches with about 8 or so occupied by full timers, in motorhomes or caravans. We have been on other sites where fulltimers make it so obvious that they are there all the time - wooden garden furniture, large barbecues and even one with a rockery! As I...
  20. Easyliving

    Seasonal pitch for another year...

    My wife and I live in our van on a seasonal pitch (all year) on a very nice campsite in Norfolk. I have just been over to pay for next year, a lot of money but it works out at about £6.45 per night inclusive. People don't seem to realise we are full timing because we quite often disappear on...