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Oct 24, 2010
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Still retired--living in our house----travelling with a Niesmann+Bischoff -6 ton--Iveco Oct 18, 2014

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Aug 14, 2018 at 10:40 PM
    1. AlaskaGuy
      Hi both,
      We finally upgraded...but not to the rwd with garage format! We got a Bailey Autograph 740 with Peugeot 2.2TD and fwd. Since decided to look at houses in Limousin, our van needs changed. I just got back from there. Really rural with forests and lakes.
      How are you both doing? I saw that you may be elsewhere for the AO show. If we don't see you there, hope to catch up sometime.
      01984 667317
      07592 304811
    2. AlaskaGuy
      Hi both of you,
      Hope onset of "winter" is treating you well. I've been nose-to-grindstone for a few months since Stratford, no sign of slowing down except for Xmas break. But as they say..making hay while sun shines!
      We're still waiting on the darned house selling. And still looking at RWD vans like yours!
      If I have to visit up that way, I'll be sure and let you know. Be great to catch up.
      All the best,
    3. dick
      It has been suggested that you might help---I'm looking for RMB---probably based on 410 although would look at early sprinter---having officially become old fart[3 score and 10] I, m having to dance through hoops to keep my C1 licence---so am considering down sizing
      dick [already found german site ]
      1. sundowners
        Hi Dick
        I think it's 'snowbird' who might be able to help you------I can only repeat 'mobile.DE' as a source-------with the good exchange rate at the moment you MIGHT find a deal-----but watch ebay they do sometimes turn up---not everyone knows what they are worth.
        Good luck with your search
        BTW---RMB is not the only well made van on the used market LOL
        May 1, 2015
    4. sundowners
      Still retired--living in our house----travelling with a Niesmann+Bischoff -6 ton--Iveco
    5. dustysmum
      Hope I remembered the name, did we meet you at Stratford Racecourse, Tom McGuigan's show, we are the couple who had the tool stall opposite. Apologies if I have the wrong sundowners.
    6. Risky
      Hi, I shall ask the other half if there's any issues getting the ZZZ's, she's just on Sype with the family but I would imagine there's no issues? I know that she has never mentioned a problem regarding the money. There's plenty of Polski Skleps around our area so getting the money here won't be an issue!! Aggy just said that there is no problem exchanging sterling/Euros etc.
      1. sundowners
        thanks for that------do you know if we can buy diesel with plastic??
        Nigel & Pamala
        May 14, 2013
    7. sundowners
      Still Retired------now living back in our house, and using our Dodge truck and demountable camper for tripping around
    8. snail
      Hi Nige and Pam, thanks for making us so welcome at our first meet, just posted on the end of 365 meet general thanks, must apologise for not doing it sooner but need ehu for laptop, not sorted 12v supply yet, hope to meet up again in the future, regards
    9. Pete Scheuber
      Pete Scheuber
      Hi Nigel and Pam. How are u both after your adventure to the USA and where r u now?
    10. sundowners
      Recently retired, which has given us more freedom to travel further afield.
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    Suffolk based
    Married 41 years and love to travel and enjoy life.


    Nigel and Pamala
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