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    Heading to Porto in Portugal and am doing the Camino trail. Seeking van storage for 2_3 weeks...

    Heading to Porto in Portugal and am doing the Camino trail. Seeking van storage for 2_3 weeks. Any one know of any storage close by..... Thank u
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    My limit says 150kg. For two adults that's quite a low limit. My chausson flash is like above. Any one know if thats just chausson being over cautious... We don't really want to chance it to find the roof caves in. Your experiences grately appreciated.
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    Lanzarote / Tenerife

    Planning on taking the ferry from Spain over to the Canary Islands for the winter. Any experiences. I know the ferry is expensive. Any costs between the islands would be grateful. Regards Tony
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    Any recommendations for a night wildcamping in Windermere for a small t4 camper
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    Sounds brilliant. This is my intention. Bit just wondered if there was a legal time that you could stay before the authorities get shitty on our return to uk
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    Travelling Europe

    What's the longest you have stayed in Europe... I am currently in Spain. I have heard people saying after 2 months we must register in Spain Some people say 6 months. Can I travel into Portugal / France and start the time again. Has any one personal experience of staying for 1 year and...
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    Hiya Jim Thank you for your reply. I see that you stated that I can only stay in Spain for 183 days before I officially have toner register the van.. you and I both know , vans across here are not doing that. How about if I move into Portugal or France. Does the time rule start again. Do u...
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    Thank you for that... Every one has a different story. And like you state, we are all travelling to and fro borders... I wonder if any one has had any issues with the authorities and length of stay. I would of been in Europe for almost a year by the time info home. Would love to re mot...
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    Does any one know the legal length of time we can stay in our UK registered, mot,d European insured vehicle in Spain on one go. I know, and I am one who does stay for months, bit would like to officially know the legal side I saw a website saying that 60 days is the maximum before u have to...
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    Fiat tyre pressure

    Can any one please post a positive answer to fiat ducatto tyre pressure. Tyre says 70 psi Inside vehicle door says 50/60 When asking on Facebook, you get the professionals , who probably never drive their vans commenting about weighing each axel and depending on tyre make, contact the...
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    Moroco speeding fine

    Picked up a speeding ticket yesterday. Gggggg Every town u drive through has endless "checks". Nightmare. U get sick of showing Ur paperwork and again , every town has speed "camera man" on the way in and out. Was pulled for doing 88kph in an 80kph. They say there is no ledancy. Got fined...
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    Where there is a will, there is a way.!
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    Thanks I'm sure it will change again , before it's implementex
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    Nothing surprises me. I bet each country will want different visas, different payloads on the vans and different axel weights and different tyres. I'm done with this ..I'm going to buy a tent, before they starting to make regs on tents