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    Looking for a Full timer

    Hi, no not yet. Are you interested?
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    Last Post

    Is this the last post on 365?
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    I wrote an article on this a couple of weeks ago :thumb:
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    Looking for a Full timer

    I'm looking for a Full-Timer to write a monthly magazine article for a feature that will be called the diary of a full-timer (or something like that). This will essentially be in the form of a blog post with four to six hundred words and a photo or two. It can cover anything you like to do with...
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    Has this place had its day?

    Just renewed the software licences on this place. :D
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    Glad to read they were OK. Those trucks with the pods sat so high on them always look a little top heavy to me. The COG on that truck looks particularly high.
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    Has this place had its day?

    Not a lot at all because its run on the same server that is paid for by motorhomefun. The software costs around £150 but that was paid years ago, the only ongoing costs are software licence renewals which typically cost just shy of $50 a year so no need for contributions. I was just wondering...
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    Has this place had its day?

    I need to pay and upgrade the software here. Just wondering if it's worth it. Hardly seems to be used these days. I know its never been busy as its such a small niche. But its positively dead should I close it?
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    Re set pass word

    Hi Olli, I can help, what's her username?
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    WiFi, mobile data

    It seems the most popular among travellers are the mobile data cards from Three. They bought in their Feel at Home service first; enabling you to use data and voice abroad at no extra cost, most others providers have caught ups now because the law has forced them to do it. That said it seems...
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    General Ecology have dismissed their UK supplier and are now offering over £600 compensation for affected users. They are refunding the filter system at today's price £280 and giving away £350 worth of Filters. You will find details of how to claim in this link...
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    Yes he looked us in the eye and smiled as sold us a filter system that promised to filter bacteria and viruses but he had deliberately switched the canisters to one that does not.
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    WARNING! Purewater Online Limited. Water Filters. You may have seen this company at motorhome shows selling water purifiers. It's an impressive demonstration. The Salesman, Harald Charters, has a fish tank full of dirty water. After passing it through a filter, he drinks it, then offers you a...
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    Merry Christmas 365ers . (y)
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    This might help (y)