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  1. Journeybod
    When I run the water in sink basin etc the water runs out onto the ground. I have a FIAT PILOTE galaxy 270. I can't see the where the fault
  2. Journeybod
    Tried to get fulltimers cover with comfort ins said they can't insure me cos my PILOTE is too old. year 2000. anyone know who can
  3. Meroado
    Hi! We are Melanie&Robert. In love, engaged and nearly husband&wife! We're starting a driving restaurant.
  4. raggity
    raggity John and Joan
    hi guys.,hope your both well...were giving up the s700 in march and getting a flat......what do you reckon we should put the motorhome up for..weve put a new fridge in anew water pump.shower mixer..wiring .fuse boards.w,eve got new seals for the door,boot,new bumper rubbers to go on,,shes tidy for her age,,where would you suggest posting her for sale and any advice please.....take care guys
  5. C+C
    Hi we are Clyde and Christine ( Chris ) we have rented out house and headed to Europe no idea for how long or where now in Alicante
  6. Chris & Liz
    Chris & Liz Dunroamin
    Hi there, I see you have atempted a contact with us. We are new to this touring lark so pleas bare with us.
  7. automateuk
  8. Kelso
    Have now parked up on the algarve for the winter. Will probably stay until April.
    MAD OR NOMAD definately one and working on other
  10. terry kiernan
    terry kiernan
    Now retired, hope to be off to Spain in November. Traveling to Portugal then back through France with possible deviation to Germany!
  11. Griddle
    Hi everyone I'm not on the road yet. So what to drive. I have cat c. Any recommendations?
  12. Ro Cadman
  13. raggity
    raggity Funkyronster
    hi mate,would you know what oil to put in out s700 hymer,,she,s the same engine as john and joans
  14. Michael Woollard
    Michael Woollard
    We are on the Atlantic Coast France, then driving along the mediterranean to Nice in August, September, October...
  15. Michael Woollard
    Michael Woollard
    Hi, we are from Australia, purchased our new Adria Matrix Platinum 670SBC camping car in Paris back in March and now touring Europe...
  16. MaggieC
    waiting to begin
  17. Julian Dearson
    Julian Dearson
    Julian, Karen and, regularly, Charlotte.
  18. Bonzo
    Bonzo Ste
    How meany penny's do you need and we will send .
  19. Ste
    Hi John, thanks for this my address is Apartment 30, Penketh Court, Farnworth Road, Penketh, Warrington, Cheshire, WA5 2BF.
  20. Bonzo
    Bonzo Ste
    Hi thanks for the books give me your name address and I will send u a cheque Mine is
    109 brinsworth lane
    S60 5bu .....cheers John n Linda
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