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  1. raggity
    raggity Funkyronster
    hi mate,would you know what oil to put in out s700 hymer,,she,s the same engine as john and joans
  2. Michael Woollard
    Michael Woollard
    We are on the Atlantic Coast France, then driving along the mediterranean to Nice in August, September, October...
  3. Michael Woollard
    Michael Woollard
    Hi, we are from Australia, purchased our new Adria Matrix Platinum 670SBC camping car in Paris back in March and now touring Europe...
  4. MaggieC
    waiting to begin
  5. Julian Dearson
    Julian Dearson
    Julian, Karen and, regularly, Charlotte.
  6. Bonzo
    Bonzo Ste
    How meany penny's do you need and we will send .
  7. Ste
    Hi John, thanks for this my address is Apartment 30, Penketh Court, Farnworth Road, Penketh, Warrington, Cheshire, WA5 2BF.
  8. Bonzo
    Bonzo Ste
    Hi thanks for the books give me your name address and I will send u a cheque Mine is
    109 brinsworth lane
    S60 5bu .....cheers John n Linda
  9. Chris S-S
    Chris S-S
    Try to live life to the full with a PMA, you never know what tomorrow might bring.
  10. Ian Scales
    Ian Scales
    Scoping out the scene
  11. Liam
    Hi I've heard you tour the uk full time and just wanted to pick your brain if possible ?
  12. Stuart McIntosh
    Stuart McIntosh
    Chilling n dreamin
  13. Stuart McIntosh
    Stuart McIntosh
    Going to live the dream in 1years time
  14. Polosall
    Polosall steven newton
    Bought thru motorhome depot if your going to buy get a vehicle inspection thru aa or similar I bought thru noel they don't disclose any thing with vehicle
  15. SGNV
    I tried being normal once... Worst two minutes of my life.
  16. KenPip
    In the process of buying an RV with a view to living in it
  17. Billy Two Rivers
    Billy Two Rivers
    Hi all ..Been offered redundancy at work., thx for vauable posts on here ,
  18. Mark Wright
    Mark Wright AlaskaGuy
    Are you still in France
    1. AlaskaGuy
      Not right now. Just waiting on completion of a house sale here. Looking at January for heading over to the new place in Haute Vienne.
      Dec 15, 2016
  19. fanofatan
    Hello there
  20. Grahame
    With the opportunity to retire early my wife and I are going to take the opportunity to travel the UK in our Motor home.